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Waxing Brisbane

Waxing in Brisbane Waxing brisbane

Super smooth and silky skin without a trace of hair!

Waxing is the answer to all the unwanted hair on your body and you can be the gainer of a super soft and silky smooth skin. Niki’s Beauty Studio is considered to be one of the best Brisbane beauty salons that offer a huge range of parlour services with genuine efforts to make you look stunning. Waxing Brisbane has been just made easier and more affordable by the Nikis.

What is waxing?

Waxing is actually a semi permanent hair removal option that uproots the hair right from the follicle. New hair takes around 6 weeks to grow in that particular area. However, this growth cycle varies with individuals as in some cases hair re-growth is faster. Waxing can be done at any part of your body, face, chest, hands, legs, arms, back, abdomen, eyebrows and even pubic area (known as bikini waxing).

How is waxing done?

Niki’s beauty studio experts have adopted different means of waxing to give variation and choices of budget to the clients. Here are few types of waxing followed -

  • Strip waxing, also known as soft wax is done by spreading the wax layer thinly all over the skin and then a cloth or paper strip is pressed firmly atop the wax. The pressure adhere the wax to the skin and also to the paper; we quickly rip off the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth keeping the strip parallel to the skin. We make sure your skin does not get any bruises, broken capillaries or follicle damage.
  • Hard wax as the name suggests is done without any kind of strip cloth or paper. We apply hard wax on your skin in thick proportion and when it cools down it gets hard enough to take off without any paper or cloth. This method is especially recommended if you have a sensitive skin and thick hair. This method is also less painful

Our tricks for a less painful waxing session -

  1. We take small patches at the beginning, get you accustomed to it and then wax larger zones.
  2. Lots and lots of talcum powder helps in getting a less painful waxing and we follow this rule.
  3. We dab your skin with cool astringent and antiseptic lotion just after a waxing session so that no skin rashes or bruises occur.
  4. The bikini wax sessions are taken extra care as the area is very sensitive. We allow the wax to cool down completely before stripping off.