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Threading in Brisbane

Threading Brisbane Brisbane Threading Threading

Threading in Brisbane has been made easier and cheaper than ever at Niki Beauty Studio. We not only give you the best curves along your eyebrows but also offer additional services like upper lip, cheek, chin, forehead and also full face threading. Our studio has gained immense popularity amongst hair salons in Brisbane for its other beauty services as well. Tweezing, waxing and hand plucking of eyebrows are not only painful but can never give you a clean look what threading gives. Trust the best hands of Niki Beauty Studio and go ahead to have a lovely pair of eyebrows!

What is actually threading?

Eyebrow threading is an ancient method of hair removal that started in the Middle Eastern countries and later spread across the globe. Along with eyebrow threading, people who have excess hair trouble also consider going for upper lip, chin, cheek, forehead and rest of the face threading. There is hardly any salon in the market that does not have threading facilities these days; but finding a good and reliable person to do this job is important. Any wrong hand can cause damages like –

  • Fine cuts along eyebrows which are not only painful but have chances of infection as well
  • Improper shape makes you look terrible; it even takes a long time to get the proper shape next time
  • Hair follicles grow in a particular pattern, if the threading pattern does not follow that correctly, the next growth of hair will not be healthy enough

Why threading is better than other forms?

Threading has many advantages over waxing or any other method of hair removal. There are many hair removal creams available in market, but continuous usage of those creams leaves behind a dark patch on your skin. Waxing is quite painful, especially on the tender skin of your face and forehead. Here are the basic benefits of threading -

  • Threading is much cheaper
  • It is less painful than waxing and gives clean look.
  • Threading does not take much time. You will hardly need 30 minutes to have a full face threading done
  • It is hassle-free and simple. No such application or procedure is needed. Just a thin polyester or cotton thread is doubled and twisted around each of the hair shaft. The experts know the technique how to roll over the areas of unwanted hair and pull them out directly from the follicle.

Niki Beauty Studio is one of the most reputed Threading place in Brisbane and has innumerable regular customers who come back over and over again for threading and other beauty and hair services. We are here to serve you the best threading facilities at affordable prices