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Maintain your hair on time and extend its longevity

Our hair is now exposed to so much of pollution, dust and impurities that we need to work hard to keep our scalp fit for healthy hair and give that natural glow. You need to address issues like hair falls and dandruff first before going into styling and can blindly trust Niki’s Beauty Salon for complete range of hair treatments in Brisbane. Though it is convenient to do it in the comforts of home, a professional’s help will add that extra bit to your rough and damaged hair.

Salon treatment for damaged hair that we provide -

  • Keratin treatment Keratin is a protein combined with amino acids. It helps to recover the strength, elasticity and moisture that is lost and destroyed over time,. After keratin application a protective mask is put before blow drying or flat ironing the hair.
  • Deep conditioning treatmentHere a conditioning oil mask or hot oil treatment is left on your hair for a considerable period of time for the conditioner to penetrate each cuticle of the hair. It works towards repairing the damage to provide enough strength for prevention of further breakage. Here you can also treat the split ends by getting it trimmed and getting that healthier feel.

For oily hair we provide -

A Moroccan oily scalp treatment is very effective as it contains ingredients and essential oils that reduces the scalp imbalances and addresses issues related to oily scalp. The organic ginger oil is there to protect the scalp and control dandruff too. This treatment also restores and revitalizes the hair.

For frizzy hair we offer -
Macadamia Treatment….A new life for your Hair
Healing Oil Treatment is a therapeutic oil perfect for all hair types and is especially beneficial to dry, chemically damaged hair.
# intense nourishment for tangle and frizz free hair
# hair that is ultra smooth, manageable and shiny
# natural UV protection extends the life of color treatments
# reduced drying time by amazing 40-50%

So if you are in around Brisbane, do visit us at Niki’s, the best Brisbane beauty salon. Our staff is professionally superior to most salons and we have customised treatments for each one of you. The products used are top of the line too.