Bridal Trial

Bridal Trial

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Perfecting the Brides for the wedding day

Niki’s Beauty Salon has made Wedding hair and makeup in Brisbane very simple to achieve with the help of expert stylists. Our salon is a famous Indian parlour in Brisbane and has become very popular amongst our clients as a pre bridal consultant. We can understand and anticipate the desires of a beautiful woman to look gorgeous on her wedding day, so we have different customised bridal packages and services that will help you glow with beauty and perfection from head to toe on your special day.

What is a bridal trial?

It is evident that the bride is the point of attraction and attention of all the eyes present in the ceremony. That is why it is so important for her to look flawless. Our expert consultants and trained team of beauticians can help you get the look that you want on the day of the ceremony. To avoid all the fuss and confusion, we have a bridal trial session of hair do and make-up for the bride. Pictures of the bride are taken on the day of the trial with make-up and hair do so that she can understand how she will finally look on her big day. The bridal trial session can be booked by making a prior appointment.

The benefits of bridal trial sessions:

  • After the session the bride and her family will have a clear understanding about the final look of the bride on the wedding day.
  • In case if there is any doubt about anything in regards to hair and make-up, then the bride can simply change her make-up or hair style to look better.

Few simple and elegant bridal make-up tricks:

  • Be natural – The no make-up look is a big hit no matter what the occasion is. We can make you look gorgeous with a healthy glow and peachy cheeks and neutral shades with a touch of gold on the eyes, bold eyebrows and perfectly sketched lips with a nude lipstick and some gloss. Team it up with a messy braid and a stone bindi.
  • Glittery eyes – Sometimes we just highlight the eyes by using some glitters to the edge of the eye contour to make it look big. In this case we keep the rest of the facial make-up to maintain the harmony. A beautiful bun will certainly accompany this look.
  • The red lips – Matt red lips with light golden eye shadows and a healthy glow is a perfect look that will surely attract everyone. Puffed hair with parting to put the maang tikka in position will help the bride dazzle through the evening.

If you are amazed by these looks then there is a lot more that you can discover at Niki’s Beauty Salon as we are one of the best Hair salons in Brisbane, Australia. We can make your dreams come true with the help of expert beauticians at an economic rate.